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Dragon Mist Farm Irish Wolfhounds

Dedicated to the Loving Memory of my husband, Amos Curtis, who died May 27, 2006

Since 1999, we have strived to breed only the finest Irish Wolfhounds out of the best of World Class lines. Denise Donnellan, owner of DD Farms Irish Wolfhounds in Maine got my love affair started with these majestic creatures when I got my first of several from her in 1993, and to her I owe my deepest gratitude. In fact, she recently notified me that one of her pups lived to be 14! Congratulations, and thank you, Denise.

Dragon Mist bloodlines include the Double D line: Nutstown line of Ireland (John and Kathleen Kelly), Singing Swords in Arizona (Sue Engel-Eliot), the Flying line of Canada, and the Aquarius line of Tennessee. Graeme, Thunderdrake of Mist is sire to our 2007 litters with Anni and Cara; Aenghus Mc Firedrake, our newest male is Dunyvans' son.

First and foremost, our Irish Wolfhounds are our friends; they usually will share the couch if asked. IWs love to be their people, and, although their size may intimidate, one never gets an Irish Wolfhound as a watch/guard dog: their temperaments are simply too gentle and sweet.

Our Irish Wolfhounds are well socialized with small dogs, cats, kids and other chaseable critters.

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