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The Viking's Daughter by Herbert Dicksee

“I will give thee a dog which I got in Ireland. He is huge of limb, and for a follower equal to an able man. Moreover, he hath mans’ wit and will bark at thine enemies but never at thy friends. And he will see by each mans’ face whether he be ill or well disposed towards thee. And he will lay down his life for thee.”- from the “Saga of Niall”-Middle Ages


A Legendary Irish Wolfhound

An ancient Irish king took his baby son on a hunting expedition, leaving the baby in his cradle with the king's Irish Wolfhound on guard. Sometime later, a wolf pack attacked, trying to reach the baby. The Irish Wolfhound killed several, drenching himself and the baby with blood, and drove off the rest.

When the king's party returned, they found the bloody Irish Wolfhound standing over the sleeping child. Thinking the dog had killed the baby, in a fit of rage and fear, the king immediately ordered the Irish Wolfhound killed with crossbows.

It wasn’t until the boy awoke and the bodies of the wolves were discovered that he realized his terrible mistake. His grief was inconsolable.


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