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Cara's Pups, born August 27, 2007
3 males, 7 females
Mom and babies are doing fine!

Cara & Dunyvan's litter, born September 14, 2006

Irish Wolfhound Puppies - Cara's Litter born 9/13/06

Dam: Dragon Mists' Ci'Anamcara (aka "Cara")

Sire: Dragon Mists' Dunyvan Firedrake (aka "Dunyvan")

Update 10/5/2006: The pups enjoy their first meal of "solid" food!

Cara's Irish Wolfhound puppies at 3 weeks


Dragon Mist's Dunyvan Firedrake
Dragon Mists' Dunyvan Firedrake

Puppies born 9/14/06

Morna & Ryan's litter was born on March 7, 2006

Sire: Gazza of Shantimon (aka "Ryan")

Dam: Dragon Mist's Morna Go Bragh (aka "Morna")

4 girls, 1 boy

all have gone to wonderful homes


pups at 3 weeks old

Please contact us for information about future litters and we'll keep you informed!


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